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Welcome to MashedCars.co.uk, your epicenter for everything scrapped and secondhand. Whether you are searching for a used starter motor or a whole car ready for breaking - MashedCars will help you locate that scrap car, secondhand part or salvage yard in the uk as quickly as possible!

Go Car Salvage!

If you are a motorist or a used car owner at some point you are likely to need a new car part or a replacement for something which has failed on your motor. Buying some parts like wiper blades or a new cheap tyre is fine as they don't cost you a bomb before they are even fitted, but when the day comes that you need a new engine, gearbox, door, wing mirror, starter motor - or anything along those lines the costs of purchasing a brand new replacement mount up.

Car Salvage, Cheaper and more eco-friendly

This is a great reason to try and find that part secondhand - salvaged off another vehicle by a professional car breaker or by yourself at a scrap car yard. As well as the savings in cash this can bring it also means you are being more eco-friendly, because a huge percentage of the environmental damage caused by cars is produced in the production and disposal parts of the cars life - so by not throwing one away to replace it with a new part and using a used or reconditioned car part you are doing your bit for the world too!



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